Target Industries


food processing

With a clear mission, vision and set of principles the Mills County Economic Development Foundation is focused on a set of marketing initiatives that supports it overall mission.  While the Greater Omaha Metropolitan Region has realized much economic success over the last 20 years, Mills County recently initiated a new proactive role in economic development which includes core tools to support a more robust and successful business community. The economic development landscape throughout Mills County is becoming one of the faster growing areas with great new opportunities for family and business to prosper.  The organization has been undergoing change to be more proactive, more intelligent, and effective and efficient with our resources. Recruitment strategy and identification of targeted industry sectors is critical to our economic development success, as is getting deeply involved with the needs and understanding of the existing businesses and start-ups in Mills County and the entire metropolitan Region.

Our global economy has changed greatly in just the last five years. Technology is driving incredible change. New jobs are being created weekly as old ones disappear. New skills are needed. Many old ones are not. The region that provides the best assets and quality of place along with the best people, meaning trained and available workers, will thrive. That reality makes it necessary for economic development organizations to focus in the area of workforce preparedness, skills gap assessments, and education in a way different than in the past.

Mills County as a whole must become and remain proactive in shaping its economic future, focusing on optimal industry targets based on the site-specific characteristics of the metropolitan economy. Working collaboratively with our utility, industry, and other regional partners, five industrial clusters were chosen that best match the unique competitive advantages of the area to the needs of particular industry sectors. Mills County's targeted sectors are Logistics & Exporters/Importers; Bio Manufacturing/Food Processing/Value-Added Agriculture; Robotics, Technology & Advanced Manufacturing; Defense Industry; and Financial Services.  Mills County's close proximity to the Offutt Airforce Bas-Strategic Command Center combined with crossroads access to both Interstate 80 and 29 and US 34 presents the perfect opportunity to build upon these targeted industries.