HUD Funding for Counties Hit by the 2019 Floods

HUD Funding for Counties Hit by the 2019 Floods Main Photo

31 Jan 2020

For counties hit by the 2019 floods, help is on the way. 

Mills County is one of nine eligible Iowa counties that can apply for HUD funding earmarked to help communities impacted by the 2019 floods. The HUD funding, totaling $96 million, is to be distributed via the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.  The administration and award of these funds will be by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Mills County plans to pursue funding for major infrastructure and new housing. 

“At present, there are six new housing projects at various stages of development in Mills County,” said Rick Allely Executive director of the Mills County Economic Development Foundation. “These projects range from apartment complexes to multi-family townhomes and single-family homes meeting a wide range of the County and Southwest Iowa’s needs.” 

Breaking down the six housing projects looks like this:

  • 130 single family lots
  • 40 townhome lots
  • 2 sites in Glenwood targeted for nearly 50 new apartments in total

Malvern County new constructionThis funding is particularly timely and critical. In rural Mills County alone, more than 300 homes were impacted by the floods. As of January 6, 2020, only six homeowners have returned home, and 71 have applied for FEMA buyouts. 

The drastic impacts of the flood have resulted in loss of populations and businesses along with negative loss of the tax base and sales tax revenues.  The Glenwood Community School District also took a hit of over $500,000 in loss revenues due to student enrollment decrease and other related factors.

Allely says that despite all of the loss from the floods, the opportunities in Mills County are vast for residents and business owners.  New opportunities for business growth including major industrial site development bring new opportunities for new residents and businesses.  Allely stated, “We have tremendous utility partners that provide the high level of services demanded by today’s businesses. The combination of quality infrastructure and a highly skilled labor force add to our attractiveness for new investment and jobs.”

“It’s a very exciting time for Mills County,” he said. “The  Mills County Economic Development Foundation is committed to coming out of this situation bigger, stronger, better and smarter than before the floods hit.” 

For more information on the opportunities Mills County provides, please visit the Mills County Economic Development Foundation’s website.