Strategic Location is Great for Business

Strategic Location is Great for Business Main Photo

26 Aug 2019

Mills County is uniquely and strategically located less than 5 miles south of the nation’s crossroads of I-80 and I-29 in the southeast corner of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metropolitan statistical area. 

What’s more, the county also is served by four railroads: Union Pacific, Iowa Interstate, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Kansas City Southern. 

What does this mean for business? It means that you have plenty of options if your business depends on transportation to ship or receive products or goods. 

Bunge can attest to that. The global agribusiness and food ingredient company opened a soybean processing plant on the north end of Mills County, close to Council Bluffs, in 1999 

This Bunge location receives truckloads of soybeans, which are processed into soybean meal and soybean oil that are shipped out via rail. 

Dustin Steinbring, Plant Manager, says the location was a factor when Bunge chose the Mills County location. Train

“Transportation infrastructure is a key factor when we consider where we want to locate our facilities, ” he says. “Although I wasn’t here in 1999, I do know that the easy access to the interstates and rail lines played a role in us being here,” he says. 

Bunge processes soybeans generally brought in by truck from grain elevators and farmers within a 75- to 100-mile radius making easy access to major interstates a benefit for Bunge. 

“Having easy access to rail service is also a plus since most of the soybean meal and soybean oil we ship is via train,” says Steinbring.

The transportation assets found in Mills County have benefited other businesses, too. And, for businesses that rely on air transportation, Eppley Airfield is just 20 minutes from 1-29 and the Hwy 34 interchange and is serviced by seven freight companies and 18 air carriers with 70-75 daily departures. 

“The strategic availability of Class 1 rail access, interstate accessibility, major air transportation availability and Missouri River barge services provides a logistical hub for companies seeking high quality access to markets and raw materials,” says Mills County Economic Development Director, Rick Allely.  “We appreciate Bunge being in Mills County as they are an excellent example of a company maximizing access to a very large region for grain supply and to move their finished products to market works well.”

Curious how these assets could work for you and your business? Get in touch with the Mills County Economic Development Foundation. We’d love to answer any questions you might have.