Shovel-Ready Sites: Ready To Hit The Ground Running

5 Aug 2019

Precertified sites—also known as shovel-ready sites—speed up the development cycle for projects by cutting the red tape and lining up key approvals in advance of the site selection process.

In order to attract new development, locations have to be prepared for it and have sites that are ready to hit the ground running. States across the U.S. are implementing site certification programs that give available sites a shovel ready designation—meaning that the site is primed and ready for economic development.

Whether you call these sites precertified or shovel-ready, the meaning is clear: shovel-ready generally refers to commercial and industrial sites that have all of the planning, zoning, surveys, title work, environmental studies, soil analysis and public infrastructure engineering completed prior to putting the site up for sale and are under the legal control of a community or other third party.

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