There is No Other Time Like Summertime in Mills County

There is No Other Time Like Summertime in Mills County Main Photo

24 Jul 2019

Mills County, Iowa is an amazing place no matter what season, but there is something about the summertime that is extra magical in these parts. The warm temperatures invite locals and visitors to the region to get out an explore all that the area has to offer. From creative shopping and delicious dining destinations to beautiful landscapes and hiking and biking paths, Mills County offers something for everyone. 

Proximity Breeds Opportunity

As part of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metropolitan area, Mills County has experienced significant residential growth with even more to come. As a result, the area has evolved and developed, and in some cases, transformed industries. 

Take the vineyards in the area as an example. At one point, vineyards were primarily an agriculture business, but today those vineyards are driving wine sales and tourism, putting Mills County on the map in Western Iowa Wine Country. 

Touring an area winery is not only educational, but also it’s quite interesting and fun, and a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. 

The food scene has also evolved in the county, with unique restaurants and specialty shops opening throughout the area. Residents and visitors have many more options today than they have in the past when it comes to where to eat, drink, and socialize, with locally-owned establishments sprinkled throughout the county.  Whether it’s a cold locally brewed craft beer, nice glass a wine, rich brewed coffee, or a tasty homemade malt, Mills County can satisfy your taste buds on a hot Summer day.

And, let’s not forget another summer favorite - farmers’ markets. There is an abundance of farmers’ markets throughout Mills county offering locally grown and homemade products in addition to entertainment and cultural events. 

Active and Vibrant

Along with food and drink options, Mills County is home to many breathtaking views. The Wabash Trace Nature Trail is a 63-mile trail that travels right through the county. Whether on bike, foot, or skies, the trail will take you through the picturesque Loess Hills, which were formed 14,000 years ago by windblown loess, a fine and fertile soil. The soil built to heights of 200-300 feet, creating a formation that you’d only see here and in Northern China. 

The trail also offers people the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and watch birds and other wildlife, walk the dog, have a picnic, and visit the communities and unique shops along the way. 

And then, there are the many festivals and events that are unique to summertime in Mills County. Whether Malvern’s Summertime Concert Series, Live Blues at Tabor’s Waubonsie Station, concert in Glenwood Park, rocking’ blues act at Keg Creek brewery, or a Sunday afternoon jazz band at one of the wineries, Mills County has it covered.

From live music to corn boils, Blues & Brews, Harvest Days and more, there is nothing quite like gathering with other residents, businesses, and visitors to celebrate the best that each season has to offer. 

If you live in the area, you know what we mean. If you are a visitor, we can’t wait for you to experience all that Mills County has to offer in the summertime...a time of year like no other. 

Photo: Tabor Craw Fish Bowl