Collaborative Project Delivery Increases Efficiency and Cuts Design/Construction Costs

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

When design/construction teams and owners work together as a cohesive unit, the results include lower costs, higher efficiency, and a smoother workflow.

Companies need to get more product out of the capital they invest to stay competitive. One of the ways they can significantly increase the effectiveness of their limited capital spending budgets is by changing the project delivery method. In traditional forms of project delivery, the stakeholder has little influence. There are flaws with many of the traditional practices that often go unnoticed because each project is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Early adopters of new concepts, such as Collaborative Project Delivery (CPD), see trends playing out across multiple projects and can recognize opportunities to become more efficient and effective. 

The CPD approach is a lean concept including seven essential elements that reduce waste, compress schedules, lower costs, and improve satisfaction for team members and clients. There can sometimes be challenges to getting stakeholders on board with a methodology that is unfamiliar. Providing leaders with measurements they can use to validate costs and prove success demonstrates the efficacy of the CPD process. Here are insights into four of the seven elements to optimize project success. 

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