Mills County is Active & Vibrant and Boasts a Growing Business Community

Mills County is Active & Vibrant and Boasts a Growing Business Community Main Photo

8 Jul 2019

What makes Mills County, IA such a special place? Is it the deep-rooted and involved community that eagerly welcomes new residents? Perhaps it’s the array of events and festivals that bring that community together. Of course, it could be the close proximity to Omaha and the amenities that the city brings. And then there is the growing business community consisting of both big global corporations and smaller start-ups. 

All of these things and more make Mills County the active and vibrant community that it is. 

Mills County is located in the southwestern corner of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metropolitan area and just 3 miles south of the nation’s crossroads of I-80 and I-29. Residents and businesses alike have direct interstate access to other metropolitan areas, too, such as Kansas City (two hours), Des Moines (two hours), Lincoln (one hour) and Sioux Fall (three-and-a-half hours).

But there’s much more to appreciate about Mills County than its location and the urban amenities and rural hospitality it provides. Residents like living here because of the high quality of life it offers. 

Along with great outdoor amenities like the Wabash Trace Nature Trail - Iowa’s oldest and most scenic trail.  Mills County is home to several towns that each boast their own personalities and host several family-friendly events throughout the year. Glenwood is the county seat, and Malvern and Tabor are just two of the towns that offer unique dining, arts, and entertainment opportunities that attract people from throughout the Midwest and beyond. 

The population of Mills County is growing with 15,150 residents.  Affordable, Mills County’s overall cost of living is 91% of the U.S. average. It’s a good place to plant your roots with a median age of 43 years and an average household income of $76,423. 

Business Community

The business community is strong throughout Mills County. 

The Mills County Economic Development Foundation (MCEDF) has a mission of improving the long-term economic sustainability of Mills County. They do this through an agenda focused on job creation, job retention, and tax base enhancements. 

The knowledgeable staff gets to know both new and existing businesses to provide access to useful and adaptable assistance programs. These programs include tax abatement, tax credits, special financing, job training and much more. Based on the needs of a particular business, the staff helps to identify and implement the best-suited programs for their situation.  

The support of the MCEDF is just one reason why businesses choose to build or expand in this area. Another strong reason is the access to shovel-ready sites currently available, particularly in manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, biotechnology, value-added agriculture and defense-related industries. These sites are suitable for these targeted businesses with a goal to help achieve a relatively quick return on their investment. 

And then, there are the people of Mills County. 

Mills County offers a workforce who come from healthy families with strong Midwest values. They are well educated and possess a strong work ethic.  What’s more, they are honest people who believe in working together to add value to a common mission. Mills County businesses enjoy a labor force that is diverse and drawn from its location along major transportation routes.

The people, places, and businesses of Mills County are what make it a special place to be. 

To find out if Mills County is the right place for your family or business, please contact the Mills County Economic Development Foundation.