Family Business Fuels Economy in Mills County

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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In 1977, Mark Lincoln returned to his hometown of Glenwood, Iowa to purchase the local Standard Oil tank wagon service. At the ripe old age of 19, Lincoln possessed a natural business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and drive. It was the genesis of Lincoln Farm & Home Service. The business includes three BP convenience store and gas station locations; Glenwood, Red Oak, and most recently, Pacific Junction. Lincoln Farm & Home Service also provides bulk wagon tank fuel delivery to farmers, businesses, and is a commercial supplier to other fuel delivery companies in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska.

Picture from ConstructionLincoln takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business and is happy to welcome his son, Nate Lincoln, as a recent employee. When asked what makes them different from the competitors, Lincoln noted the 50-strong team of employees enjoy a “friendly work environment”. Management expects hard work and “lead by example”.  Employees are dedicated to superior customer service. Customers stepping into a Lincoln Farm & Home Service convenience store enjoy a “clean, well lit environment and friendly employees who get to know their customers. Being locally owned gives us the advantage to really understand our customers.”

Picture from Grand OpeningTheir success has led to consistent growth. Their most recent expansion is in Pacific Junction at the intersection of Highway 34 and Interstate 29. It was important to Lincoln to “build a store that would compete with the next generation and be relevant for years to come.” Since the Grand Opening in the spring of 2018, “sales have passed our projections,” says Lincoln. He contributes the success to their highly trafficked location and strong community support. He also noted the importance of careful planning. When looking to start or expand a business, “Do your homework moving forward,” Lincoln advised. His planful growth included an in-depth market survey that resulted in specific projections. Obviously, it paid off.

When asked “Why Mills County?”, Lincoln responded quickly. “It was an easy choice. I’ve spent most of my lifetime in Mills County. We were looking at locations across Iowa and northeast Nebraska…” but ultimately he chose to expand in the area he calls home. Not just because it is convenient for him. “The Mills County Economic Development Foundation is working hard to develop the area.” Lincoln noted their location in Eagle Crossing Business Park as a perfect example with “great infrastructure ideal for the logistics industry, retail space, and industrial businesses.” The area also boasts a skilled labor force. “It is the best of both worlds,” said Lincoln. He proudly described it as a beautiful, friendly rural community within the Greater Omaha metropolitan area.

Perhaps the question should have been “Why not Mills County?”

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