Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) agreed to finance a Laborshed Study for one community in every county across the state of Iowa – FREE to local economic development organizations and their partners.

A Laborshed Study is based upon the commuting area of a particular employment center. Each county’s largest employment center will be selected as the focus of the study conducted in that county.

A Laborshed Study is unlike any other readily available labor market information. It is produced on the local level through primary data collection. After the commuting pattern for a particular city/community is defined (through a survey of local employers), a residential survey is conducted into the communities determined to be the largest contributors to that city’s workforce. This survey gathers information regarding the skills, education, availability, wages and benefits (both current and desired), job search resources used, distance willing to commute and many other factors that relate to that area’s true labor pool.

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