Heartland Co-op: An aptly named business in Henderson

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Midwest has long been referred to as the heartland of the United States. A term that is used more recently is “fly-over country” when referencing this beautiful area of the U.S., as though the Midwest is just a place to ignore while getting from coast to coast. The Mills County Iowa area is just one of the many Midwestern areas that deserves to be embraced as part of our amazing heartland. Henderson is here. In our heartland.

The town of Henderson is located at the northeastern corner of Mills County, Iowa. Agriculture has always been the key industry here. Heartland Co-Op Henderson Grain has been supporting the prosperity of hard-working farmers in the area for decades. Their offerings include 670,000 bushel grain storage capacity, NH3 (dry & liquid fertilizer), bulk & packaged chemicals, dual placement, agronomy sales & services, seed, and bagged feed. Perhaps their motto says it all: “Helping farmers produce and market profitability.”


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