Mills County Tees Up Multiple Properties for Rail Served Industry

Monday, October 30, 2017

Infrastructure is a key factor for many industries when choosing a location for their business. The Mills-Pottawatamie Rail Study was conducted by a team lead by JEO Consulting Group. The JEO Consulting Team evaluated the study area to determine suitable rail access connection points to the existing rail system to construct a new rail access into southern Pottawattamie County and western Mills County. Man-made and natural constraints were evaluated, and a marketability evaluation were part of this in-depth study. A management option for a rail development could include the creation of a port authority. Providing great benefit via the creation of added cooperation between private industries and public agencies to stimulate economic growth in the area while coordinating multiple modes of transportation including rail, truck, and even potentially barge traffic. This is great news for the support of a growing, sustainable, robust business climate, as the study also revealed that economic developers in the Mills County area see a tremendous need for increased rail served sites. To learn more, review the full Interstate 29 Rail Infrastructure Suitability Study.

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