Mills County Economic Development Names Development Area

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

eagle crossing

A joint venture between Mills County Economic Development Foundation, the Mills County Board of Supervisors, and real estate owners and developers is taking shape as the Mills County Economic Development Foundation recently approved naming the master planned area at the interchange of US Highway 34 and Interstate 29.

The name Eagle Crossing Business Park was a unanimous decision since the name historically ties the development area to the original school district that served this portion of Mills County known as the Old Pacific Eagles (later known as the Pacific Junction Eagles).  In addition, the area is home to nesting bald eagles and near the Offutt Air Force Base.  Mills County Economic Development Director Rick Allely stated, “As the Mills County Economic Development Foundation’s marketing committee considered names for the development area, it became very fitting to honor the past, present, and future with the term “Eagle” being in the business park name.  Recognizing the importance of Interstate 29, Four-Lane US Highway 34, and the Missouri River all “Crossing” the development area made it an easy confirmation for the MCEDF Board to identify the new development area as the Eagle Crossing Business Park.  The fact that we can also recognize and pay tribute to our military became a very important component of our decision.”

The newly named Eagle Crossing Business Park will be marketed worldwide by the Mills County Economic Development Foundation, Iowa Economic Development Authority, and all the development partners engaged in the business park.  The prime Midwest location has attracted new investment and job creation and is poised to attract even more. 

Mills County has been working with the Iowa Economic Development Authority and area utility providers to have “shovel ready sites” in place suited for multiple industrial facilities.  “Mills County is instrumental in the continued growth of Iowa and the metropolitan region.  Making strategic investments in our future is key to supporting existing employers while attracting new businesses and people to Mills County,” stated Mills County Board of Supervisors Chair Lonnie Mayberry.

The 5,600-acre Eagle Crossing Business Park is shovel-ready with sites ranging from 5-acres to several hundred acres in size.  Service providers include MidAmerican Energy, Black Hills Energy, Western Iowa Networks, and Glenwood Municipal Utilities. For additional information on sites within this development area or any site within Mills County, contact Rick L. Allely, CEcD MCRP, at the Mills County Economic Development Foundation, 712-527-8114 or visit

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