How to Make $3 Billion

Monday, August 07, 2017

When the Iowa Governor’s Office told everyone in January that 2017 would be the “Year of Manufacturing,” business investors took notice.

After all, Iowa is a state where 6,100 manufacturers employ 200,000 people and contribute $29 billion annually to the state economy — good for 18 percent of Iowa’s real GDP.

That’s not good enough, said state leaders. They want to raise that total $3 billion by 2022 to $32 billion.

“We must create an environment that ensures Iowa manufacturers and their employees can meet the competitive levels that are being set nationally and around the globe,” the Governor said on April 24 in kicking off the Year of Manufacturing. “Advanced manufacturing is a significant driver of our state’s economy. Our administration is committed to strengthening the industry by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.”

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