Mills County Economic Development efforts represented at the 2017 Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Mills County Economic Development Director, Rick Allely represents Mills County's new development efforts at the 2017 Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference.  The conference focuses on bringing experts in the food and beverage industry together for four days to share trends and new technologies in the siting and construction of food processing and warehouse facilities.  

Allely stated, "FA&M is a strategic opportunity to meet and discuss the needs of targeted industry companies like cold storage logistic centers, dry goods warehousing, food packaging and processing while promoting Mills County's new industrial sites along Interstate 29 and US 34.  Many of our country's largest construction and specialty engineering companies are present along with facilities managers and key operations staff of many international bio science and food oriented companies.  These are the folks that know who, what, when and where the companies are going to build next.  Here in Mills County, we are just getting started in developing shovel ready sites that can meet the needs of these companies.  We will see success with new employment opportunities and new tax base for Mills County.  It doesn't happen overnight.  It has to be strategic."

The top 10 trends impacting food manufacturing identified by FA&M are as follows:

  1. Automation
  2. Employee related issues
  3. Food safety regulations
  4. Packaging concerns and trends
  5. Consumer demand
  6. New markets and products
  7. GMO's and organic
  8. Improving efficiencies
  9. Focus on quality control
  10. Equipment/Software upgrades

Allely identified that all 10 of these lead to companies seeking facilities that aid in their ability to address all 10 factors in a positive manner.  The location of our new business parks in the Greater Omaha Metropolitan Area combined with the quality utilities and service providers we are teamed with, puts Mills County in a great position to land new companies.  

A perfect example includes properties located near Malvern, IA and just south of Council Bluffs.  To say we are being aggressive in moving the development of these and other sites forward, would be accurate.  The Mills County Board of Supervisors and the Mills County Economic Development Foundation are working together to enhance the employment opportunities for families in Mills County and the surrounding region.

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