Business Toolbox

Business Advantages

Business advantages in Mills County, Iowa include many based upon type of business, location, total investment, quality job creation, and overall economic impact. There are many, but here are just a few.


The Mills County is the southern anchor of Greater Omaha/Council Bluffs Metropolitan Region and located at the crossroads of Interstate 80 (San Francisco to New York City) and Interstate I-29 (Kansas City, MO to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada).

What has historically differentiated the Mills County from other regions of the country is its combination of metropolitan amenities with rural hospitality and work ethic.  Mills County is a safe vibrant environment where families and businesses succeed.  Having the best of Southwest Iowa combined with the labor force and positive characteristics of the metropolitan region, Mills County is a place any company or family would be comfortable.

Why do companies build and expand in this area?  It’s simple.  Better workers with a strong work ethic who understand respect, honesty, and working together to add value.  The quality of the workforce results from the strong family values and positive attributes of the area communities.  Mills County is a place where neighbors help neighbors and people understand the meaning of a positive return on investment.

Mills County has shovel-ready sites suited for Advanced Manufacturing, Warehouse/Logistics, Biotechnology, Value-Added Agriculture, and Defense related industries.

Single-factor, nonunitary tax

Iowa's corporate income tax is a single-factor, nonunitary tax and based only on the percentage of total sales income within the state.  For example an Iowa manufacturer selling all of its products outside of Iowa pays no Iowa corporate income tax.

Federal Deductibility

Iowa is one of only five states that offers Federal Deductibility. This allows 50 percent deductibility of federal taxes on corporate income tax in Iowa.

Iowa is a Right-to-Work State

Under Iowa law, an employee is not required to join a union as a condition of employment. Management and employee relations are extremely positive in Mills County and throughout the region.

Unemployment Insurance

At 1% Iowa has the lowest unemployment insurance rate of any state in the nation. This rate is given to all non-construction employees who do not have a prior employment history in Iowa.

Tax Advantages

Iowa has eliminated the following tax burdens:

  • No sales or use tax on industrial machinery/equipment/computers
  • No sales tax on purchases of electricity or natural gas used directly in the manufacturing process
  • No sales or use tax on computer/peripherals used in the processing or storage of data
  • No property tax on manufacturing machinery/equipment/computers
  • No tax assessment on personal property (includes corporate inventories of salable goods, raw materials and goods in process)


Business incentives for companies locating in Mills County, Iowa include both local and state programs.  Many of these programs are based on the type of business or industry; project location; total capital investment in Iowa; quality job creation; salaries and benefits paid; and overall economic impact.  There are many, from local to state incentives but assistance is provided in the form of tax increment financing, loans and/or forgivable loans, tax credits, job training assistance, and others based on each individual project.

When it comes to incentives and overall business assistance, the professional team with the Mills County Economic Development Foundation are here to help you work through them to see that your company has the opportunity for a positive return on investment.